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2.5 mm mono no tray 21L nickel plated black plastic earphone plug
2.5mm mono 2 poles 6.0D 18L 2518 nickel plated female Audio Headphone Jack
2.5 mm stereo 4.5D 19.7L gold plated headphone plug
2.5mm stereo 3 pole 6.0D 18L gold plated female audio headphone jack
3.5 mm stereo 28.5L screw thread M6.8 headphone plug
3.5 mm stereo 6.0 tray 24.5L gold & nickel plated headphone plug
USB 2.0 connector with housing, male usb plug
3.5mm trrs 5 poles 8.0D 21.5L plated black plastic female Audio Jack

High flexibility
Environmental protection
Transmission stability
Flame retardant material
Audio plug
Female jack
USB connector
Female jack
Dongguan Dajiang Electronics Co., Ltd established in 2005, located in xinyongsheng science and technology park, no.78 south Wenquan Road, Shilong Town, Dongguan city.  
Dajiang electronics specializing in the production of various types of audio, video, transformers, mobile phone and computer products. Such as connectors, terminal in a row, lathe products.  We design and manufacture all kinds of DC plugs, power plugs, the earphone plugs, mobile phone plugs and computer related products, which have been exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and so on. We enjoy higher reputation in the industry.

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1. Ricardo Gewerc from Israel
Good service. I like this company’s products.
It’s good. 
2. Noam Epstein from Denmark
Long time corporate partner, end customers trust and satisfy in quality, keep this performance to other customers for long term.
3. Srayuth Nupui from Thailand
  • Dajiang headphone plug factory to meet with general manager Xu Mingqi and lawyer

    Dajiang headphone plug factory to meet with general manager Xu Mingqi and lawyer


    Dajiang headphone plug factory today,Zhaodazhuang Legal technology co. LTD general manager Xu Mingqi, Yau Yu-class lawyer, met with very happy, feel many, for small and medium enterprises escort, the future you need to rule by law division! Standardized management!

  • Dajiang electronics was elected as a benchmark enterprise of integrity

    Dajiang electronics was elected as a benchmark enterprise of integrity


    On December 13, dongguan electronic information industry association held the fifth session of the third member congress, voted on the new vice President and director units, issued new membership unit plaque, individual plaque, and awarded ten member enterprises "integrity benchmark enterprise" honorary title.

    In order to guide enterprises to operate in good faith and promote the construction of the integrity system of dongguan electronic information industry association, the meeting commende......

  • Dajiang electronics second public benefit class

    Dajiang electronics second public benefit class


    Since last week, dajiang electronics company decided to hire a lecturer to teach public benefit courses every Saturday. We hired Mr. Li xun as the first teacher to explain how to optimize the network to get more exposure.